The Tyrant Vs. The Leader….How to recognize if you are being led or bullied

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To the untrained eye, a tyrant can look like a leader: After all, the tyrant’s overbearing personality is often somehow magnetic in its sheer arrogance. Their grandiose promises fill us with a sense of safety, giving us easy answers. Their ability to appeal to our outrage and prejudice can make [...]

5 Types of Exhaustion: How to become more resilient by understanding exhaustion

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Though the message often gets submerged in our workaholic culture, it’s okay to just want a break. Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Breaks build resilience, helping you to perform better when you return, and they allow you a space for [...]

Don Ritchie: The Man who Saved Lives With a Cup of Tea

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“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life—don’t ever waste it.” -Dale Partridge Until recently, I had never heard of Don Ritchie, and chances are you haven't either—he was one of this planet's many quiet heroes, not fabulously wealthy and quietly spoken. If you had passed Don on [...]