Colleen Durant brings a fresh approach to thinking about leadership development, talent management, and bringing out the best in people. Colleen lived and worked overseas for 8 years – in Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. After returning to Australia in 2010, she now focuses on taking the very best from each culture that she has experienced and blending them into her own life with her two Chinese-Australian children.

She originally trained and worked as an Industrial Psychologist and moved quickly into organisational consulting roles. During her work with BHP Steel, Colleen combined her expertise in talent management with the development of BHP’s top global leaders. She continued this theme while working for Mt Eliza Business School – where she used leadership development as part of organisational transformation initiatives. Her global experience has allowed her to test Western ideas of leadership, as they apply in global and local companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Taiwan. Her immersion in American culture allowed her to develop insights about country and organisational cultures and the impact they have on innovation and risk taking. Colleen has held leadership roles in organisations, including Westpac, BHP, and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Her major consulting clients have included: BASF, HSBC, Hong Kong government, Walter Construction and Westpac Group. As a facilitator and trainer today, Colleen is at her best when working as a change catalyst – offering an inspiring view of the future, along with the practical tools and capabilities to get there. Collen is also director of CBD, a consulting firm, which focuses on increasing human potential.

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