Nicole Metcalf started her journey in South Africa, growing up in a coastal city in a multicultural and multilingual society during the landscape change of a developing democracy. It was there she began using music, with her passion for human behaviour and connection, to connect with her peers and integrate into diverse communities.

Through an expansive career in marketing and advertising across three continents, Nicole has worked for multinational companies, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and Weleda, across global clients. Having observed the influence and significance communication has for individual growth, as well as career and business success, she has applied her experience and facilitation skills to focus towards people and their connection within organisations and beyond.

Today, Nicole is a proud Australian citizen, dedicated to the creation of the big picture to leverage potential strengths and close the gap in areas of limitation, with a special interest in human interactions and relationships to help organisations connect with their clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Nicole is a founding member of a fledgling foundation, called The Living Heart Project, an organization driven towards education of our communities from grassroots levels, integrating new learning platforms to share skills and knowledge across all walks of life. She also works closely with Centre4Hope, which endeavours to empower young disadvantaged Australians to respect themselves, connect to the wider community, and to create an inspired life.

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